About us

We are the Black Sea branch of the global organisation Wetlands International dealing with various projects in this area. Our Office in Kiev was established in November 1997 to support Wetlands International activities in Eastern Europe.

Wetlands International is the only global NGO dedicated to the conservation and wise use of wetlands. We work globally, regionally and nationally to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands, in order to benefit biodiversity and human well-being. Wetlands International operates worldwide through 12 regional offices and seven project offices, all supported by our headquarters in the Netherlands.

We are supported by governmental and non-governmental members and by numerous sponsors, supporting more than 100 projects that our worldwide organisation is currently conducting. Our projects vary from field work, for example, aiding local communities in replanting degraded wetlands, to investigating the state of the world wetlands and advocating our views at governmental meetings.


Map of Our Office