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The ‘Bog’ (God) River Basin

The book gives a comprehensive description of the Southern Bug River Basin. It contains information about origin of the river name “Bog” and its natural conditions, short description of the river itself and its tributaries, information about geology, climate, landscapes, animals and plants, stories about history and modern economic development, short description of main settlements, environmental problems and ways to solve them. The book informs about nature protection areas and activities of environmental NGOs. It also includes children’s drawings and essays.

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Vision of a new Ramsar regional initiative for Black Sea coastal wetlands (BlackSeaWet vision)

This publication is a background document for a new regional Ramsar initiative, which includes a brief overview of current status of coastal wetlands and main threats to them, legal framework and conservation activities related to coast and coastal wetlands, present mission, vision, key targets and objectives of BlackSeaWet Initiative.

BlackSeaWet vision

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Portfolio of Actions for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Black Sea Coastal Wetlands

The publication is made within the framework of the Wetlands International project "Establishing the foundations for the launch of a Black Sea Regional Initiative for the wise use of coastal wetlands (BlackSeaWet)". The Portfolio of Actions was prepared by national teams involved in the project. Present actions needed for coastal wetlands conservation and sustainable use are represented in a format understood by donors. It is supposed that the Portfolio will be used to achieve objectives of the new Ramsar regional initiative (BlackSeaWet).

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Annual Review 2008

The Annual Review 2008 charts the main achievements, as well as projects, finance and publications of Wetlands International during 2008. Furthermore, it highlights our work in relation to climate change adaptation and on incentive mechanisms for community-based wetland management. As you can read in the Achievements and projects sections of this review, Wetlands International was highly active in all regions during 2008. The outcomes that we achieved in 2008 are important in themselves, but most are just steps towards much longer-term goals to bring about lasting benefits to people and nature. 

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Directory of organisations, whose activity are relevant to the conservation and use of Black Sea coastal wetlands

This table provided a directory of organisations, whose activities are relevant to the conservation and use of Black Sea coastal wetlands.

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The Environmental atlas of the Southern Bug River Basin

Atlas contains 14 maps: administrative map of the basin, physical map, climat in hot and cold periods, river network, network of monitoring of water quality, vegetation and transport network, main water reservoirs, discharges of sewage and reused waters, water supply points, urbanized territories, environmental assessment of water quality, protected areas, and agricultural lands as well as a linear scheme of the Southern Bug River and two of its main tributaries: Synyukha and Ingul Rivers.

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Recommendations for Ramsar COP 10

Attached the recommendations on the draft resolutions of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands COP 10, 28 October till 4 November 2008 in Korea.

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Annual Review 2007

Our Annual Review 2007 covers our global organisation and presents the financial information, all our projects, publications and achievements. Wetlands International clearly demonstrated in 2007 the important role it can play as a science-based organisation that can act as a global witness - bringing key facts from the field to the attention of policy-makers. A good example of this was our role in highlighting and quantifying the role of wetlands and especially peatlands as the worlds’ biggest natural terrestrial carbon stores – and demonstrating that through restoration of damaged wetlands we can cost-effectively reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and even halt and reverse them, through carbon sequestration. Equally our role in a number of global and regional projects addressing the avian influenza threat has been to provide data on waterbirds and wetlands so as to contribute to the understanding of how the disease spreads, analyse risks and help countries to make preparations for an outbreak.


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Dnipro River Ecological Corridor

 This publication contains materials of the intersectoral seminar 'Dnipro Ecological Corridor: Modern State,
Problems and Perspectives' held on 2–3 April 2007 in Kyiv. The proceedings is destined for specialists in biodiversity conservation and econet development, nature conservation authorities, administrations of protected areas, regional and local authorities, scientists, educators and representatives of environmental NGOs.

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Biodiversity Conservation and Econet Development: Information Handbook

This information handbook provides basic information on biodiversity conservation, ecological network development and the related legal issues in the Ukraine. 

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