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Wetlands and Livelihood

This poster provideed in formation about linkage between wetlands and livelihood of local people live in the wetland area. For those who interested to obtain this poster, please contact Ms. Rusnee Uma at

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Shorebird Flyway Brochure

This brochure was produced under AWCF funded "Public Awareness Capaign to Enhance Conservation of Migratory Shorebird and their Habitat in Andaman Coast, Thialand. The brochure provide information on the shorebird and its flyway with enplanation on "East Asian-Australasian Shorebird Reserve Network".

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Manual for an Inventory of Asian Wetlands – Thai

AWI - Manual for an Inventory of Asian Wetlands – Thai

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Brochure of Asian Wetland Inventory - Thai

Brochure about the Asian Wetland Inventory, in Thai

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