International Conference

One week to go! The international conference 'Stopping the loss of Black Sea Coastal Wetlands: the establishment of a regional initiative' will take place in Odessa, Ukraine On the 30th - 31st of October 2007.

The conference will establish support for the launch of the BlackSeaWet Initiative, a Strategic Regional Wetland Conservation Initiative for the Black and Azov Seas. All the Black Sea coastal countries will be represented (Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine) as well as key international and intergovernmental organisations.

An extensive stakeholder consultation has been undertaken within the region. Based on this draft documents are being prepared for the Conference to consider. Key objectives of the Conference will be to:

  • Endorse a Vision for the conservation and sustainable development of Black Sea coastal wetlands
  • Endorse a draft Portfolio of Actions focused on biodiversity conservation and wise use of Black Sea coastal wetlands to form the basis of a regional wetland initiative called “BlackSeaWet”
  • Engage donors in a dialogue to support BlackSeaWet.


Civil society organisations, government organisations, scientific institutions and donors who are stakeholders in the wise use of coastal wetlands in the region, as well as key international and intergovernmental organisations.

Working languages:

English, Russian