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Wetlands International Black Sea Office, Pestelia street 9, office 7, Kiev, Ukraine

Wetlands International Headquarters, P.O. Box 471, 6701 AL, Wageningen,  The Netherlands

Birds are one of the most prominent and well-studied parts of the planet's biodiversity. They attract the attention not only of scientists but also of a huge number of birdwatchers. All this allows us to develop and implement long-term and large-scale programs of ornithological monitoring that are important for the protection of not only the birds, but also their habitats, as the birds are indicators of habitat status. Waterbird monitoring is especially important for the Black Sea region, because its coastal zone includes several tens of wetlands of international importance. The monitoring that covers all seasons – migratory, wintering and breeding – ensures a full assessment of the condition of Ramsar sites. At this stage, the most developed type of monitoring in the Black Sea region is that for wintering waterbirds as it has quite a long history. Monitoring of migratory birds is in the development stage. Monitoring of breeding birds is restricted to individual wetlands, and because of this is not presented on our site.