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Small rivers of Ukraine: public participation in their conservation and sustainable use

Wetlands International established an NGO Association called the “Ukrainian Rivers Network” (URN) to support and advocate better conservation and sustainable development of small rivers and streams throughout Ukraine.

Project Description:

This will help to secure the future well being of Ukraine’s most important source of drinking water. The URN comprises 100 small NGOs across Ukraine. The Association’s structure and operational procedures were agreed enabling it become a functioning entity with annual meetings to develop strategy and actions.  The capacity of the NGOs was developed to enable them to address issues related to practical conservation interventions, advocacy on development and implementation of government policy on small river and wetland conservation.

The project was financed by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Netherlands’ Programme for the International Nature Management.


Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers in Ukraine

Wise Use of Water Resources - An Essential Element of Sustainable Development (in Ukrainian)

International Experience in River Conservation: Public Participation

Small rivers of Ukraine. Final report

Project Partners:
  • The National Ecological Centre of Ukraine
  • Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine
  • The State Committee of Ukraine on the Water Industry